off highway Caterpillar dump truck being transported on a lowboy

Custom Crushing Services

At Stagecoach Transport & Crushing, we offer custom crushing services to help our customers convert their raw materials into specific sizes or specifications. Our experienced and skilled team can handle custom crushing jobs of all sizes …

off highway Caterpillar dump truck being transported on a lowboy

Lowboy & Flatbed Transportation Service

If you are looking to move material or assets we have you covered. Contact us for your dump truck, lowboy or flatbed needs. We will get your materials or assets to the right place, for the right price, at the right time.

Crushed Stone

1B / #8 Crushed Stone

What is 1B stone ? 1B and #8 crushed stone is generally used in blacktop and concrete mixes and ranges in sizes 1/4"-7/16".

2A Modified Crushed Stone

What is 2A Modified? 2A Modified is crushed stone that is 1.5" or smaller. This stone contains stone dust that helps with compaction when it is tamped down. 2A can be used to provide a based for paver pathways, fireplace bases, driveways, and more.

2B #57 Crushed Stone

2B is a crushed clean quarry stone that is 7/16" - 1.25" in size. 2B stone does not compact well. Uses for 2B Clean stone: Providing bases for driveways and access roads that are wet or muddy French Drains Base Material for concrete work Retaining Wall Backfill

2RC Non-Penndot

What is 2RC Non-PennDOT

3" Minus Crushed Stone

What is 3" Minus crushed stone? Unlike clean 3" crushed stone, 3" minus crushed stone contains a range of particle sizes, including some that are smaller than 3 inches (7.62 cm). This means that some of the pieces may be 2 inches (5.08 cm), 1 inch (2.54 cm), or even smaller. 3" minus crushed stone is commonly used as a base material for roads, driveways, and parking areas. The range of particle sizes helps to create a stable and compacted base that can withstand heavy traffic and weight loads. It is also often used as backfill material for retaining walls, and as a subbase for concrete and asphalt paving. Because 3" minus crushed stone contains smaller particles, it is often more affordable than clean 3" crushed stone. However, its irregularity in particle size can make it more challenging to work with than clean crushed stone, and it may not provide as uniform of a surface or finish. Overall, 3" minus crushed stone is a versatile and economical building material that is commonly produced at stone quarries. Its range of particle sizes makes it an excellent choice for creating stable and durable base materials, but it may not be suitable for all applications where a more uniform finish is desired.

Stagecoach Transport & Crushing

We strive to provide all of our customers with a quality product at a fair price, along with excellent service, whether that be from a dump truck, lowboy, flatbed, or custom crushing.

Our History

Originally, we were under our parent company Robert Johnson Flagstone. We started crushing in 2011, and bought our first dump truck that same year. As the company grew and we offered more services, we decided to separate our crushing and trucking and started up Stagecoach Transport & Crushing in May of 2018.


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Joan Edsell

They are very accommodating ! They have reasonable pricing . They helped us figure out what we needed , instead of just making money selling us what we though we wanted !!! That speaks volumes !!

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We have had all good experiences. Great to work with, professional and friendly. Now my parents use them and love them too!

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Great local company to work with! If your looking for crushed stone Stagecoach is the company to call.

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You call them and they deliver

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Excellent company to deal with.

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